Storage Solutions For Your Garage

Having a garage is a great addition of space, but many people can’t find enough room to park their vehicles and store all their lawn equipment or Christmas decorations at the same. It’s a shame to have to choose your Christmas angels and snowmen over your truck, but for many, the struggle is real. If you want to get control of the chaos you call your garage, its time you took a look at these storage solutions. With a little maneuvering and some DIY, you might even be able to fit your lawnmower back inside.

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to storage opportunities, you really do need to think outside of the box. If you have large pieces of equipment or your household goods stacked or thrown haphazardly into boxes around the garage, this can take up a lot of space. First of all, you need to go through the boxes and find out what is in them. See what you can recycle, give away, or trash altogether. If it’s been a while since you opened those boxes, you might be surprised at how little you need the things inside.

Think Mobility

If your garage has a lot of heavy toolboxes that are awkwardly taking up perimeter space around the garage, consider installing large casters to the bottom of them. This will make it easier to relocate them to the area where you are working, but then it will also allow you to move them out of the way to make room for other things that might need a home in the garage. Tool shelving can be done the same way. Metal shelving, filing cabinets, or other bulky storage furniture can be easily moved with the right casters screwed to the bottom of them.

Think Vertically

Many people just look at the floor space as available storage real estate, but your garage has so much more to offer. The walls can be used to help make sense of all the stuff you need to have stored. Whether you put in custom shelving or your decide to craft your own braces and install some heavy-duty hooks, think about the ways you can hang items to give you more floor space. Whatever you decide, make sure it is securely fastened to the wall and stable, as you don’t want your leaf blower and chainsaw falling onto your car in the middle of the night.

With some effort, you can get your garage back to being a place for your car or your pet projects. Get creative with space, and make it functional.


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