Best Ways to Learn Hebrew Without Taking a Course

Hebrew requires attention. It’s not the easiest language to learn and it can’t be heard in all parts of the world. True, there are numerous online courses that can help you cover the basics, but they’ll probably just stay bookmarked in your browser for eternity. If only there was a fun way to absorb it.

Here are the best ways to learn Hebrew on-the-go.

Why Not Start with Israeli Music?

Israeli have three words for “melody” – מַנְגִּינָה (mahn-ghee-NAH), נְעִימָה (neh-ee-MAH), and לַחַן (LAH-khan). Each has its own subtle semantical variation and is used in a different discourse. The last one, for example, is used to describe a composed tune, like in a song you can hear on Israeli radio stations.

So why not start with that? Put on some music, Shazam it to find the lyrics, and then translate it into your mother tongue. Not only is this a fun way to learn a language, but it’s also that Israeli boast wonderfully complex and enjoyable tunes. Some of their best musicians are Arik Einstein, Aviv Geffen, and Kaveret.

Binge on Israeli TV Shows Online

As of recently, Netflix and Amazon have been brimming full of binge-worthy Israeli TV shows. The best of them is arguably Fauda, though Hostages don’t fall far behind this international hit. Another notable TV series to check out is Mossad 1, with American Homeland also including a fair amount of Hebrew.

Comb Though Hebrew Headlines

Victoria Hanna and Natalie Portman can help you with the Aleph-Bet chart and basic phrases, after which you can start combing through Hebrew headlines. Go to Walla or Ynet and just try to figure them out. And in case you need more professional help, consider using Hebrew translation services.

Good luck, or shall we say, בְּהַצְלָחָה!

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