Improve Your Office Space and Increase Productivity and Happiness

With the development of various technologies, some parts of running a business have become increasingly easier. The communication is now instant, large files are shared instantaneously, and we’ve almost completely eliminated paperwork. But all of this has led to a great increase in stress.

An average employee spends around 6 to 7 hours per day sitting at their office desk – not only is this extremely unhealthy but can have a long-lasting effect on their mental health. Small adjustments to the workspace are necessary, especially if you plan on creating an environment that is supportive, happy, but also productive. After all, a happy employee is a good employee.

Not all changes need to be expensive, some of them are quality of life changes that could influence the mood of your office significantly. We have prepared a list of improvements that will help you achieve what you want, without ruining you financially.

  1. Light Everywhere

Natural light is not only important because it allows us to see more and relax our eyes, but also because it keeps us awake. In offices, light is always a problem, either there is too little of it, or too much. The importance of office lighting cannot be overstated – not only will it increase the energy, but also creativity and how productive your employees are.

Since changing how your office space is designed, sometimes introducing more natural light can be an impossible task, but it can be replaced with a few well-placed artificial sources of light.

White (or cold) light is good for office spaces, but it can tire the eyes of some time, so introducing a few lamps with yellow (warm) light will give a much-needed boost and will help workers choose which lighting suits them better.

  1. Healthy Snacks

Obesity is on the rise, and mostly due to our sedentary lifestyle, so providing your employees with healthy snacks can help them – and you. If they choose fruit over chocolate you’ve achieved a lot. Health defines what we are and how we function, and a worker who eats a lot of unprocessed, natural products will feel much better – so avoid buying doughnuts and invest into some bananas!

If you still think that some kind of sweets or juices need to be provided, choose a version with fewer calories or added sugars, even a small change can make a great difference over a period of time.

  1. Clean Space Helps!

Cleanliness is next to Godliness is a nice saying, and it applies to the workspace more than ever. With people getting sick, not only can a clean office improve the health of your workers but it will also make them feel so much better coming to work in the morning. Small improvements, like applying the kind of wall coatings Target offers can ensure that the walls are spotlessly clean.

Not only will this extend the lifespan of your wall, but it will reduce how easily they can be damaged or soiled. This will eliminate bumps and scratches that ruin the appearance of most offices and will make them so much easier to clean. Another good investment is a good concrete floor resurfacer, it can do the same to your floors that coatings can do to your walls. It also serves a decorative and protective feature, and all of this will help how your employees feel, and how healthy they are.

  1. Office Furniture

Investing in ergonomic office furniture can also save you a lot of money in the long run. Good furniture can prevent physical problems such as back and neck pain and will help your employees maintain good posture. The screen needs to be at eye-level, so make sure the height is adjustable. The mouse and keyboard should be at elbow level, chairs need to offer lumbar support, and tables should be neither too high nor too low.

Think about offering small pillows that can help people feel much more comfortable in their chairs, as those small investments can mean a lot to some employees. Create a designated resting area, with sofas and soft chairs where they can relax and spend their coffee break – good work can only be ensured if everyone has the opportunity to rest properly.

Small steps in the right direction will be widely accepted by your staff, so ask them directly about what would help them the most, and start from there!

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