Chat Bots Digital Marketing Without Workforce

With increasing technology and social media usage by consumers across the world, businesses are increasingly adopting newer approaches to market their products and services through digital marketing agencies and experts. These are the latest, and possibly the most remarkable, addition to the digital marketing artillery. They are gaining increasing popularity in the operational areas of organizations, as they seamlessly work to simplify routine, simple tasks. These characteristics of chat bots are making them equally priceless in planning digital marketing strategies – by interacting with potential customers and target audience through messaging platforms and connecting with customers quickly and effectively. The business world is filled with use cases of chat bots. Digital marketing in ecommerce deploys chat bots in their websites and social media networks like Facebook or Twitter to parallel the experience of being at a physical store. The role of chat bots is akin to that of salespersons in brick and mortar stores. TYPES OF CHAT BOTS Chat bots are of two kinds: bots relying on preset rules and programming and bots that use artificial intelligence. Bots of the first kind are crude and can only understand a limited set of instructions. They are only as smart as their programming. However, these are simpler to make and require less knowledge and resources. The second type of bots (using AI) is the norm now. Patrons don’t need to be specific when chatting with these bots, as they learn from past conversations and improve upon themselves. They also have built-in error checking, API integrations and routing methods to real-time human support to provide customers the best experience. The caveat here is in the initial investment and knowledge, as they require more of each than traditional bots. However, these problems are dwindling lately, and bots are becoming easier to make. CHATBOTS FINDING NEW HOMES IN DIGITAL MARKETING Chat bots assist customers who are unsure of what to look for, or unable to find the information they are looking for. They find use in organization communication apps like Slack (Slackbot) by giving users basic assistance. Entertainment companies such as Disney (for Zootopia) and Activision (for Call of Duty) used chat bots in conjunction with their storytelling prowess to campaign for their movies and games. News agencies like CNNhave bots that will send you news stories of your preference by chat on Facebook Messenger. Furthermore, statistics suggest that people increasingly prefer messaging apps to social media networks. The age demographic of the online consumer base is people from ages 18 to 34 who spend the majority of their time online. These behavioral patterns give chat bots the advantage of connecting with potential patrons easily and signal the advantages an organization could have from a chat bot expert in the digital marketing process, with respect to business growth and customer satisfaction. Chat bots are certainly here to stay especially as key differentiators across digital marketing verticals from digital marketing in ecommerce to digital marketing in process industries. The attention showered on experimenting with different applications of chat bots in this area is proof enough of their increasing relevance in digital marketing. The chat bot revolution has just started gaining grounds across digital marketing – let’s wait and watch to see what further changes this latest disruption would bring to digital marketing!

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