Top Pressure Washing Questions to Ask

Keeping our homes and surrounding areas clean is a very important thing to do.  Many believe that the rain will wash away most of the dirt and grime that accumulates on our buildings, patios, decks and exterior services.  In fact, this is a myth. When it rains, snows or otherwise gets our surfaces wet these waters carry dirt and debris with them, making our surfaces dirty not clean.  This is why finding a power washing service in your area can help get these surfaces clean. Here are some common questions you can ask before settling on a specific service.

Why do I need to pressure wash?

The answer is fairly simple.  You want to pressure wash your property in order to keep it clean.  Over time mold, mildew, dirt, grime and other airborne contaminants will attach themselves to your home.  These contaminants over time will begin to dull your paint, stain your stucco and just make your house feel old and run down.  When we pressure wash we are removing these contaminants and restoring our homes to preteen condition.

Will the solutions used to clean the house harm my plants and lawn?

No.  The solutions used are all safe to the environment. They are water sailable and free of harsh chemicals.  When the solution is sprayed onto the house it will eat away at whatever bio-matter that is there and eventually evaporate into nothing.

Can pressure washing be done in the rain?

Yes, however, it might not be the most enjoyable experience for those doing the work but weather really doesn’t have any factor in the cleaning process. In the majority of cases however, having a nice sunny day with low wind will be the ideal conditions for cleaning your property.

Can stains be removed with power washing?

Yes, power washing was built for removing stains.  Some stains may be a little more stubborn than others to get up and may require a little more elbow grease, but this process will remove 99.99% of all stains.

Our roof has a lot of odd angles and edges, will power washing get to these areas as well?

Yes, As long as the area can be reached with the water it can be cleaned.  Using ladders or extension rods may be needed but this won’t prevent the areas from being clean.

How long does it take to do a typical job?

The time needed to do a job will vary on the type of job to unforeseen events.  However, a pressure washing company will schedule no more than two jobs a day.  On a typical job of pressure washing a house you will say three to four hours.  To do a pool deck or other patios you can say an hour or so.

How long will it take to dry?

Typically it will start to dry instantly but just like the rain it may take a few hours depending on the sun and other elements.  When waling on decks and other surfaces give it a few hours to ensure that all the water has evaporated and no one will slip and fall.

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