Motivate Your Employees by Celebrating Spirit Week – Hand Out Customized Tote Bags

Everyone has to work and it stresses us when we can’t have fun at work. The productivity of the company depends on how happy your employees are. Happy employees work hard and stick to their company. This is why all companies have unique policies to keep their employees happy.

Providing them with incentives and other benefits is not enough as they must have a fun environment to work in. One thing you can learn from your school is to throw a sprit week celebration at your office for all the employees in various departments. You can also hand out gifts to your employees during that week.

You can handout gifts or swag items like custom tote bags, backpacks, lunch bags, and many more to the winners of the games or everyone who participated. If you are looking for multi-color customized tote bags at cheaper rates, Custom Earth Promos is one of the best places to buy them.

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Wondering what is spirit week?

Spirit week, as the name says is a week where high school and college students celebrate and have fun to show support for their school. It is like an exhibition of creative arts performed by the students while dressing up, attending events, or playing fun games on the campus.

You can also make this a tradition at your company and celebrate sprit week incorporating fun games, themed days, and other team-building activities. This will make your employees energetic and help in engaging with each other in a fun way. Handing out customized gifts each department will make them even more excited and enthusiastic.

Here are some ideas for your spirit week.

  • Game Shows: You can arrange classic game shows or quiz contests for your employees as a team-building activity once every week or every month. You can give a day off or an extra benefit for the ones who score highest points.
  • Act of kindness: You can also arrange for employees to practice random acts of kindness for fellow employees or the environment as a whole. A secret Santa game during Christmas can bring smiles to their faces. You can also arrange for a day when you plant seeds around the office to save the environment.
  • Costume contests: You can give the best costume awards for employees dressed in unique costumes on particular days. It does not have to be Halloween; you can arrange it on any day.
  • Workout sessions: You can also arrange combined workout sessions as a team-building activity.
  • Breakfast: Department breakfast is fun as one department arranges a fun breakfast and everyone eats together like a family.

Gift Ideas:

You can offer prizes to the winners or give a participation gift for every employee. You can give a customized tote bag at the beginning of the week and let them fill it with their winning prizes. Later, you can award the person who has maximum gifts.


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