5 Winter Cleaning Tips for Residents of Charlotte, NC

Though winters are usually very cold and wet throughout North Carolina, this one is looking pleasantly sunny. With Thanksgiving and winter holidays being only a couple of days away, now is a perfect time of year to tidy up your home and clean up your life.

If you’re anywhere near Charlotte, NC, take notes from our five winter cleaning tips.

Start with Your Kitchen Mess

Why stack your kitchen with year-long supplies of canned goods when your family traditionally ends up eating in the nearest BBQ place anyway? Reorganize your shelves, throw out everything unhealthy, and get your kitchen ready for the Turkey day.

Leave Your Garden for Spring

It may look sunny outside, but that still doesn’t mean that you should start a complicated garden cleaning project in the begging of November. Leave the exterior for warmer months and focus on making your home neat and cozy.

Consider Dumpster Rentals

Start off the holiday season with a charitable act. Categorize everything you no longer need and give at least some of it away to those who do. As for the rest, consider hiring a Charlotte dumpster rental service to roll all your trash and garbage off.

Revisit Your Basement

If it’s winter cleaning time, then take a day or two to revisit your basement. Clean it up, make it warm and comfortable, and throw in some cushions and blankets. During the long snowy days, it can double as a hiding spot for watching movies and napping on lazy afternoons.

Tidy Up Your Guest Rooms

Of course, your relatives and friends will soon start visiting for Christmas, so tidy up your guest rooms too. Use the basement to store everything that’s been piling up over the last couple of months and add a blanket or tow to keep your guests warm.

Happy cleaning, everyone, and merry holidays!

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