A Guide to Hire a Cocktail Bartender

xWhen you are looking to hire new people for your restaurant, it is vital to consider every candidate thoroughly. You want every hire to be fit for your business, whether it is a chef or a bartender of your restaurant.

It is usually hard to find smart people who can effectively serve at your bar. They not only have many responsibilities but also have to be the most versatile employee in your business place. It means you need to hire bartender who meets your needs and is willing to learn more.

Several reasons reveal why hiring a smart bartender can be significant for your business. These people have many responsibilities, not only behind the counter but also beyond that. They tend to be a primary asset to your restaurant and must be as much versatile as possible.

Accordingly, you should know that you are employing someone trustworthy and efficient to make the well-balanced drinks and even come up with new suggestions for drinks out of the cocktail menu.

Here are some of the responsibilities that you can expect a bartender to perform well to be successful in your restaurant. They need to:

  • Maintain a friendly attitude and keep the guests happy.
  • Understand and enforce beverage law, such as checking every drink for valid identification.
  • Efficiently handling sensitive situations, such as removing guests from the spot if they seem to be acting bad-mannered.
  • Remembering and making the recipes for mixed cocktails accurately.
  • Pouring wine and tap beer correctly.
  • Managing inventory and ordering new supplies
  • Ensuring the cleanliness of the bar throughout the service hours
  • Creating an attractive drink menu for your customers.
  • Working efficiently and accurately in pressure situations or busy environments.
  • Managing the bar area and its staff.

Keeping the above in mind will help you interview your candidate thoroughly and get someone to excel in their job at your restaurant.

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