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The process of underpinning is essential to the core of any construction. It is a method by which the depth of the foundation of any building is extended into the ground, repaired or reinforced. There are several underpinning methods employed to achieve desired depths or changes such as mass concrete, mili-piled, beam and base underpinning. Different types of depths or changes determine which method is to be employed. Whether you have a construction project, or a repair project lined up, the one thing you must be wary of are factors that cause the foundation of your structure to weaken or become damaged.

Underpinning is precisely executed to provide greater foundational support. It strengthens and stabilizes the foundation of an existing building or structure. The process of underpinning can be required for a number of reasons including repair or reinforcement of the area below the foundation.

There are renowned underpinning services gold coast companies offering building and engineering solutions through their experienced and qualified team. These professionals are skilled and trained to provide sturdy underpinning services that are completely reliable. Their services cater to residential and commercial customers in Queensland and New South Wales.

As aforementioned, there are many ways to execute underpinning services. The range of methods and techniques available, depend on the requirements of the project. To ensure the right choice is made it is necessary that you understand the structure of the foundation in question. An accurate understanding of the support it requires and factors that have caused damage to it in the first place will help you determine which underpinning method to employ.

The need of underpinning is warranted when (one or more of the following occurs):

– The existing foundation is weakened due to decay
– The original foundation lacks sturdiness
– There is decayed material piled underneath the foundation
– The existing structure or building no longer serves the purpose it was created for
– The soil properties upon which the original foundation is built were wrongly judged during planning
– The supporting soil is losing its elements
– Other construction projects nearby require excavating the soil that is supporting the existing foundation

If you’re not too sure if your structure requires an underpinning but suspect it might be necessary, you can observe these following signs that indicate a problem:

– Cracks forming in the brickwork
– Gaps forming between edges and/or seams of doors and windows and the brickwork
– Cracks appearing in the slabs, tiles, and floors
– Poor or unleveled floors
– Misalignment occurring between locks and door
– Windows jamming

However, you should also know that not all types of errors or damages can be corrected or replaced through underpinning. Most underpinning projects require a careful examination of the structure to decide the possible methods to use. Mainly, flimsy and unstable soil is the culprit that causes a loss of structural support. This is one of the most common factors that renders foundations unstable. Weathering or necessary excavations greatly contribute to this condition as well. While underpinning work requires intensive dedication due to the involvement of complex procedures, it can be sought successfully through companies with years of experience. It is crucial that you contact reputable and competent companies as soon as you spot signs of structural instability for adequate and efficient assistance.


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