Save Your House from Burglary Attempts by Using a Heavy-duty Ultion Lock

Burglars are in the practice of lock snapping to enter the property for over a decade now. Historically, this type of breaking method travels back to 2007 when the first burglary of this type took place in Western Yorkshire, UK.

Lock snapping targets inefficient locks and UPVC door handles, such as the patio, French doors, and UPVC. Sadly, most doors today have these types of door locks and handles and owners of these houses are still not aware of how susceptible to burglary they are.

A heavy-duty Ultion lock can help you prevent lock snapping and a subsequent burglary at your property. This type of locks is increasing in popularity in many countries, such as the UK and the USA. Thanks to its popularity, Ultion locks are the first choice for all door companies and those householders who want peace of mind about their home security.

Heavy-duty Ultion door locks come with an anti-snap guarantee. It means when you lock your door, nobody can break the lock and gain entry. Remember, this lock aims to break away when anyone applies the pressure to whichever side of the lock. It will subsequently cause the lock to become disabled from the door side it is being attacked. However, it will remain workable from the opposite side, allowing you to continue using that particular door until you replace the lock.

Heavy-duty Ultion locks are just unbeaten in every check so that you do not risk the security of your home and family. When the lock detects an attack, it will activate lockdown mode, stopping the burglars from opening the door. They also offer a self-cleaning keyway every time you use your door lock. One of the best things about a heavy-duty Ultion lock is that it just needs lubrication every six months to maintain smooth operation.


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