The importance of using a Gas Safe registered engineer

Are you having a new boiler installed? If so, it is essential that the work is carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Poor-quality installations by unregistered engineers can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning, so what is Gas Safe and how do you know your engineer is registered?

What is Gas Safe?

Gas Safe replaced CORGI in 2009 as the gas registration supervisory body. Legally, any gas installation work must be undertaken by a Gas Safe registered engineer. You can consult the Gas Safe register to find suitably-qualified engineers in your area.

What is Gas Safe’s role?

Gas Safe tracks down and investigates individuals working illegally and will follow up reports of unsafe gas work that puts the public at risk. Gas Safe engineers undergo regular inspections to ensure the quality of their work.

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Why do you need a Gas Safe registered engineer?

In the wrong hands, gas can kill. In the UK, we spend over £100m a year putting right dangerous gas installations. If you are looking for a Bristol boiler installation, don’t use the unregistered one-man band you saw advertising in a newsagent’s window; instead, use a reputable company such as that only employs Gas Safe engineers.

How to check a Gas Safe engineer

You can look your engineer up on the Gas Safe register or call the helpline. All Gas Safe engineers must carry a Gas Safe ID card with them when working. If your engineer doesn’t show you ID upfront, don’t be afraid to ask to see their card. You will need to check six key pieces of information:

– Is the photo of your engineer?

– Has the card expired? If it has, contact the Gas Safe register immediately.
– Does the licence number at the top of the card match the embossed number in the middle of the card?
– Does the card carry the Gas Safe security hologram at the bottom?
– Is the work you are having carried out listed on the back of the card? Not all Gas Safe engineers can carry out all types of installation.
– Is the engineer qualified to undertake pipework? This is the minimum safety qualification for any Gas Safe engineer.

If you can verify the ID card, it is safe to go ahead with the installation.

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