Torque Converters: Essential Machinery and Vehicle Equipment

There are hundreds of torque converter manufacturers in the United States which offer a high-quality product that helps a lot of people who are looking for the equipment either to fix a vehicle or use it in heavy industries. A torque converter is a widely used device that is present in transmission systems. It can be found in road vehicles and locomotives, especially those with engines that fall under the internal combustion types. Torque converters are used to keep the engine turning while the transmission gears and the driving wheels have already come to a halt. The device is used to pass or transfer the power of rotation from the engine to any object that the driver pleases.


A torque converter also has three major parts – the impeller, the turbine, and the stator. The impeller is also called the pump, and it looks like a metal blade ring which is being driven by the shaft of the engine.  The mechanism is like how washing machines work, and through the action of the rotation, a vacuum is being formed, and it helps to take in more fluid into the central part of the mechanism. The kinetic energy that it produced manages to control the rotation, allowing for driving with ease. The turbines, on the other hand, looks like a three-bladed ring that is attached to the shaft, and it when it spins, the transmission would also spin. Lastly would be the stator, which keeps the fluid from hitting or encountering the pumps. If this happens, the engine will slow down, giving a poor performance.


Using a torque converter is beneficial, especially to those who own a car. When used correctly, the device would result in longer engine life, and the vehicle could also last a lifetime. Proper maintenance is needed to keep the torque converter running and to give the engines a lasting performance. Another advantage of using a torque converter is the longer life of equipment where it was installed. Same with vehicles, any equipment that has a torque converter on it would result in maximized performance, and it would also last for a lifetime. A Torque Converter Clutch can also be used to bring out the best in a vehicle or equipment.


Using torque converters on a vehicle would also improve its fuel economy, saving hundreds of dollars per month. The high prices of gasoline affect a lot of Americans today, but with the effective usage of torque converters, these problems can be averted. Another reason to use the torque converter is that smoother operation can be experienced by using the vehicle or the equipment, and it would also have effective protection against shock and any external factors. Individuals who are interested in getting their high-quality torque converters should start contacting the nearest company in their area which specializes in the manufacturing of these items. Manufacturers of torque converters are also encouraging interested parties to send them an email or reach out to them through the phone numbers listed on their page.

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