What Is A Reverse Current Relay?

A reverse current relay is a current monitor which is isolated and designed for use with negative and positive conductors in DC power distribution. The main function of this detector is to continue to monitor for low levels of reverse current. Front panel controls on the device are properly calibrated to the millivolt so that the detector can be used in any type of shunt and for extreme reliability.


D pushbutton test function allows for settings between 0 to 20 mV and the calibration control ensures that you can set the conditions of the test. The meter will showcase the value of millivolts and the test jacks offer a .5 V at the Jack level as well as a 50 mV level at the shunt. The test current will add current which is present in the shunt leads for accurate testing each time.

Digital Meters

Meters can offer optimal readings between 0 to 20 mV and the accurate LED screen will make sure that proper power readouts can be taken off of the device each time. Even LED is powered off if the input power fuse is blown, there’s an output fail-safe in the device as well.

Zeroing the unit can also be done quite easily with a simple high-voltage isolator and an overcurrent unit installed in the device. Offsets can change the voltage by up to 1 mV and the instant overcurrent channel can make sure that the device can indicate a trip quickly.

Setting the pickup threshold involves connecting digital voltmeters to a common lead, connecting the positive lead, and then using the test jack within a 200 mV range. Adjusting the pickup control knob to the desired trip level will ensure that you can deliver a calibration between plus or -5%. Pressing the reset LED tab will make sure that you can change the pickup knob settings.

If you would like to learn more about reverse current relays, contact us to learn more about our devices and how they can benefit your company.

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