Which are the Most Outstanding Types of Steel Buildings?

Steel is one of the most flexible, durable yet lightweight materials to use in the construction of a variety of structures such as residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural structures. There are several types of steel you can choose from when you decide to use steel in your construction and each type fits best with the specific needs or requirements you are looking for in steel structures. It has outstanding strengths compared to other building materials which include its ability to survive snow loads, flooding which is very destructive in wood frame structures, seismic activities and high wind.

Its speed of completion, high strength to weight ratio and durability makes it one of the most efficient and less costly material to use in construction and maintain. It is resistant to corrosion, fire which is a very great advantage because it reduces fire risks in jobs such as welding and it’s also resistant to pests, unlike wood which requires treatment to prevent pest attacks. Below are the different types of steel buildings Redmond WA.

• I-Beam

These kinds of buildings have high walls that have the shape of the capital letter “I” when looked at from the side and their versatility have made them very popular even more than arch buildings. They are commonly known as “clear span” because the steel trusses are able to hold their own weight thus they don’t require any extra support by use of obstructing columns. They are a popular choice for those who need storage for their large machinery, warehouses and airplane hangars since they can be built extremely wide. Steel trusses are placed perpendicular to the trusses up the wall with a spacing of about 3-6 feet. The trusses are raised up and they are placed apart about 30 feet until you get the desired size of your structure.

• Arch.

This type of steel building has its exterior sheeting curved in such a way that it makes the outer walls, roof, ceiling make an arch like structure and it has no interior trusses, columns or beams. They are often used in agricultural capacities like storing grains but they can be modified for applications in which you need extra space for storing large machinery or other large objects. It can be designed to look like a mailbox by constructing straight walls and an arch shaped roof.

• Multiple Span.

These structures are similar to I-Beam structures except that they utilize interior support columns for extra support and they can be built much larger. They are also known as post and beam, modular frame and, column and beam. Multiple span buildings are ideal for offices and churches since the interior columns are placed where they are needed or hidden in the walls in such a way that they won’t get in the way. The design possibilities in Multiple Span buildings are endless and their biggest advantage is their ability to be very wide and long.

Steel buildings are a very good choice and they are in fact the best kind of structures to construct commercial buildings such as warehouses and other such buildings due to their durability. The above types are the most common and most recommended in the construction of such structures.

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